Tuesday, September 28, 2010

El Gato Dos...

Here are a few highlights from the trip...It was a pretty solid day. We hauled ass straight South West into Mexican waters about 35 miles out. Spotted a few big marlin, a bunch of tuna and a few good size pods of porpoise...but no one was hungry. So we high tailed it back North to the Coronado Islands. Switched out our rigs to troll the bottom and it paid off...we reeled in Whitefish, Sculpin, Rock fish, a Sheepshead and a Grouper...The Grouper being the largest of the day...pulled in by Joe. Thanks for setting it all up Dave! Great to see you guys!

If you are ever looking to charter a fishing boat out of San Diego...Give Bryan Zulka a buzz...Great guy...Busts his ass out there for you. I think this was my 5th or so time out with him on the El Gato Dos...I highly recommend it!

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Living it right said...

Thanks Neil! Great pics, and I really appreciate the props, that means to the world to me. It's why I do it.
Thanks, Shkipper Bryan