Monday, May 24, 2010

Bob Baker Vintage VW Spring Festival...

Sunday we cruised up to Carlsbad to check out the 17th Annual Bob Baker Vintage Volkswagen Spring Festival...Presented by Strictly Vintage 2's. It was a cool little VW show...all set up in the front lot of the Bob Baker VW and Subaru...Decent turn out...nice variation in vehicle types, styles, restoration levels, quality.

As soon as we arrived I ran into one of my co-workers Ron Padua...he had his vehicle on is the black 356 Porsche Speedster in the photos...awesome little ride! Chris, Nicki and Maddie met us @ the show...we cruised it...did some conversing...and decided it was time for beers and some grub.

Chris took us on a scenic driving tour of North County inland then dropped Whiskey off @ The Lewis Manor for some quality time with Lily. Then we snuck away to try out the San Marcos Brewery & Grill. Pretty tasty food...we tried out a few of their house beers...Pretty solid all around.


jbr0wn6 said...

VOLTSwagon... Get it?!

REIGNSoner said...

Haahaha...I was cracking up when I read that!