Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Achieving Goals...

Ladies and Gentlemen...Our Megan has set herself a goal and accomplished it! She never lost focus...She stuck with it and now the day has come for her to see the fruits of her labor.

You may be asking yourself...Did she clean her side of the room and put away all of her clothes? Nope! Not THAT goal!

Her OTHER goal...To have her owl tattoo featured on the Owl Tattoo Blog.

It has turned out fantastic...Briana did an amazing Job and Meggy is super stoked with it. I am really jazzed for her...she has been looking forward to seeing her owl tattoo posted on the Owl Tattoo Blog for quite some time now. Aaaaaaaand YES..."Hoots With The Fur" was her idea.

Oh yea...If you get a chance...Leave a "Hoot" and let them know you dig it!

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