Monday, October 27, 2008

Agua Caliente Hot Springs...

Just what I needed!!! Mr. Lewis scoped out the site for us a day earlier and set up shop in his RV. We arrived at Midnight Friday night after soccer...set up camp and just chilled out. It was fantastic! Went for a hike and when we came back I just worked on cancelling that right out...Cigars, Havarti and Jalapeno Links, Hamburgers, Beans, Brandy and 7's, Coors Lights and S'mores. Didn't take a whole lot of photos...just focused on my main goal of relaxing...Mission accomplished! We took the other way home and stopped in little town...holy cluster fuck of people though...jebus. Cilantro Jalapeno Mustard and Megan's new owl shirt are on my favorite purchase list.

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Jrahn said...

That is why your phone was not turned on!
Mary and I were just talking about Julian too, hear it is sort of like Columbia... you know, where our kind comes from.